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Begin Again: Flat Files 2021

Check out Susan Frei Nathan's Spring/Summer contemporary botanical art online exhibition in May-August. Artists often begin a work of art then set it aside in a flat file cabinet. The flat file is designed to safely store works on paper, it often becomes a repository for partially finished art. I am interested in why the artist leaves the work rather than completing it. This exhibition focuses on artists revisiting those paintings. These past/present pieces explore the artist's mind as one witnesses the evolution of ideas.

Inspired by this Flat File exhibition, I will be holding a drawing for a work from my flat file. More details to follow in April!

Beverly Duncan.

Beverly Duncan
Ashfield Composition: Eggplant, Japanese Anemone and Nasturtium ‘Moonlight’, 2006, 2021
watercolor on paper
8.5 x 8.5 inches