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Lizzie Sanders: Available Works from a Private Collection

This collector's passion began with parents and grandparents who were avid gardeners. Growing up in the gardens of annual and perennial flowers along with ornamental flowering trees, grape vines (Italian heritage), and fresh vegetables, it was clear from an early age it would become her legacy. Living in the Northeast and enduring long, cold winters, building an interior garden of contemporary botanical art by 21st century masters, proved the perfect progression to surround herself with nature throughout the year.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire works by Lizzie Sanders, renowned artist and illustrator, who left her legacy (too soon) in the rarefied world of dry brush watercolor painting. Sanders projected a pure contemporary voice distinctively her own. For more information, please e-mail at or call, 917-509-7590.

Helleborus orientalis, 2007
  • Helleborus orientalis, 2007
  • watercolor on paper
  • 17.75 x 14.25 inches
Passiflora tripartita, 2001
  • Passiflora tripartita, 2001
  • watercolor on paper
  • 18 x 20 inches
Iris foetidissima, 2004
  • Iris foetidissima, 2004
  • watercolor on paper
  • 19 x 17 inches
Robinia pseudoacacia (Locust Beans), 2006
  • Robinia pseudoacacia (Locust Beans), 2006
  • watercolor on paper
  • 19 x 17 inches