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Gertrude Hamilton

Gertrude Hamilton was born and educated in Ghent, Belgium.

She studied graphic design at HIGRO in Ghent then continued to pursue an education in the arts in Paris at the Atelier Lettelier and at the Art Student’s League in New York.

Around this time Evelyn Kraus, curator for the Ursus print department, came across her portfolio and promptly offered her a solo show. It was the beginning of a whole new career.

She began to apply herself solely on botanical and natural history illustration.

Using antiqued paper the artist deftly combines a variety of historical inspirations with a keen modern sensibility resulting in a unique and refreshed interpretation of the classic genre.

The artist resides in New York City with her husband and 2 children.

Mrs. Hamilton has held several solo shows and her work may be found in numerous private collections in the United States and abroad.

Solo Shows

  • October 1996, Ursus
  • November 1998, Ursus
  • December 2001, Ursus
  • October 2006, Ursus

Group Shows

  • May 1998, Rites of Spring in Painting, Karski Atelier
  • October 2004, Natura, Ursus
  • October 2005, Extra Ordinary Jardinieres, The Chinese Porcelain Company
  • September 2006, Contemporary Botanical Art, Susan Frei Nathan
  • September 2006, Portraits of a Garden III, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
  • August-October 2007, Best of Botany and Natural History, Ursus
  • September 2008, Portraits of a Garden IV, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
  • October 2010, Kew Gardens, Sherly Sherwood
  • August 2011, Garden to Field, Cultural Center in Southampton
  • October 2012, The Chinese Porcelain company