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The Magnified Eye: Contemporary Botanical Portraiture

Watercolor and Drawings on Paper and Vellum from Thirteen Artists Around the Globe
Presented by Reeves-Reed Arboretum and Susan Frei Nathan Fine Works on Paper, LLC.
April 1 - August 10, 2012

Click on an image to see an enlargement. Then you may click through the images or begin a slideshow.

Azalea, 2007
Cherry Blossom Bud, 2011
Norway Maple, 2007
Anemone, 2008
Black-eyed Susan, 2008
Daylily, 2008
Ashfield Composition:  Orange Daylily, Eglantine Rose Hip, Crab Apple, 2008
Winter Branches, 2011
Ashfield Composition:  Daylily, Nasturtium, Ladybug Beetle, 2011
Ashfield Composition:  Beech, Butternut, Morning Glory, 2011
Rose Hips, 2012
Beans, 2012
Gooseberries, Currants and Bee, 2009
Gooseberries and Currants, 2009
Hibiscus, 2011
Pink Amaryllis I, 2008
Pink Amaryllis II, 2008
Pink Amaryllis IV, 2008
Star Magnolia, 2010
Oak Leaf Hydrangea, 2010
Milkweed, 2011
Dried Leaf, 2010
Rosa Claire Matin, 2006
Rosa Claire Matin II, 2008
Rosa Bonica III, 2008
Almost Ripe Raspberries, 2011
Cherries, 2011
Faded Coral Charm (Paeonia lactiflora), 2011
Sweet Pea, 2011
Tamora Rose, 2011
The Spring Bouquet, 2011
Parrot Tulip I, 2011
Parrot Tulip II, 2011
Parrot Tulip III, 2011
Parrot Tulip IV, 2011
Fungus I, 2006
Rose, 2011
Daffodil, 2010
Hellebore, 2012
Rosa, 2011
Rosa II, 2012
Paeonia lutea, 2011
Hydrangea quercifolia, 2010
Rhododendron oredoxa, 2008
Common Cattail and Common Green Darner
Heirloom Granniwinkle, 2010
Pear, 2009
Tulip, 2011
Strawberry, 2005
Anemone Triptych, 2008
Variegated Pink Eureka Lemon
Slipper Orchid, 2011

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